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Why Dubaing App

With the Booming of social media era, Dubaing will provid the whole new "Common-Sense Ai Technology" that allows fast machine learning process, and social technology that will replace the un-needed and the un-wanted forever.

Also the rising of the privacy concerns day after the other, created a real synergy between the user informations and his privacy concerns and became a must demand. As we writing theses words, our team working hard to provide a realistic cyber security rules on all online activities among your new social technology App.

What Dubaing Can do For You

Social Networking

Lifestyle Organizer

Expenses Management

Personl Authenticator

About Us

Masterpiece Production llc.

Ayman Sabek


Shortly About Masterpiece

For years Masterpiece and it's affiliates around the world; catered those who are seeking to standout in the production World by getting a unique style, experience & a different insight into the world of media, entertainment and events. With a team of professionals renowned for their creativity and celebrity connections.

it was not easy to create the optimal place for branding, entertainment production & high end events planning without a clear vision of the market’s acceptance, nees and the industry’s trends, that was our best to address customers’ needs, offers a range of services that cater all segments (media production, web services, documentaries, events,..etc) and serve several markets, including television stations, companies, festivals, ministries, corporates, VIPs, embassies, Satellite Tvs ..etc.

Our Sectors

Management & Consultancy

Media Production

Marketing & Branding

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